Yufuin Kotobuki Hananosho
You can see the Japanese garden and Mt Yufu from the room

【Official】Yufuin Kotobuki Hananosho

 Yufuin Kotobuki Hananosho


  • A garden

    ~ In the seasons, you can see the wonderful views of Sakura and Mt Yufu.~

    Mt Yufu is Mt Yufu from the lobby,
    By the time of the season, you can see the wonderful views of Sakura and Mt Yufu.
    In the garden, there is a water mill, a “Floating stage Hotaru sha” of a Floating stage Hotaru sha, a Floating stage, etc.
    You can see the beauty of Japanese.
    There is a tea lounge "Hanasaki" in the lobby.
    You can look at the garden while drinking tea.
  • ❀ Convention Room·Conference room

    ~For weddings, banquets, meetings, etc.~

    We are also preparing convention rooms and conference rooms for various uses.
  • ❀ Various facilities ❀

    ~A number of facilities that further color the trip~

    Japanese restaurant "Kisui" where seasonal Japanese food is Kisui,
    A bar lounge / karaoke bar which excites the night fun at night,
    We will welcome you with fulfilling facilities and gentle hospitality like flowers.

    upper left:lobby
    Upper right: Karaoke Bar "Ayaka"
    Bottom left: shop
    Bottom right: Bar lounge "Pensee"
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✿ Welcome

  • ✿ ❀ Mt Yufu footprint, Yufuin surrounded by rich nature ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿

    Mt Yufu the foot of Mt Yufu, at Yufuin surrounded by rich nature,
    "Yufuin Kotobuki Hananosho Pot" built in harmony with nature.
    It is surrounded by various flowers every season, and it has a good combination of "Wa" and "Yoh".
    Outdoor bath of natural hot spring · A variety of dishes that do hospitality with locally harvested seasonal ingredients.
    And, built in spacious garden which integrated with Yufuin nature than anything else,
    Hotaru sha and Noh Theater.Night Noh was held in Noh Noh Theater,
    Also we are pleased as a wedding ceremony hall.
    Please relax and unwind in the bust of Mt Yufu which changes the taste depending on the season.
    We are pleased to welcome our guests with fulfilling facilities and friendly hospitality like flowers.

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