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Noh Theater

The beauty of the traditional floating Floating stage"Wa" floating in the Japanese garden shines in the pond

  • ~Floating Floating stage fantastically floating on the pond ~

    On the Noh stage where you collected the styles of 'Wa', you can enjoy various wedding ceremonies and night abilities
  • ✿ Noh stage elegantly floating against Mt Yufu ♡

    Mt Yufu Noh stage elegantly floating against Mt Yufu is a very rare one throughout the country.
  • ✿ We use night abilities and wedding ceremonies.Let c

    I am using it here at night noodles and wedding ceremonies.
    Night Noh floating in the fantasy further complements the traditional arts.
  • A performance

    We perform Noh performances Floating stage fall on the Floating stage our garden.
    I hope you will enjoy Japanese traditional art in this Yufuin area.