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Taste the grace of pure water and fertile ground, the taste of the Yufuin season

Fresh seafood just arrived at local chicken, wild vegetables and Bungo Beef···

Taste the local season 's seasonal taste ...

Rustic while also delicious Yu-no-Sato enjoy the taste of.

We are devoting ourselves to the Yufuin seasonal ingredients brought up by clean water and fertile grounds.
It is our happiness that you can satisfy the season's delicious and satisfying.

※Cooking may vary by season.


I will present one example of popular dinner.
We are also preparing other than the below, please confirm from the reservation list in the plan list for details.
  • ♡ Chicken chef's seasonal cuisine ♡

    Koroge wagyu beef toban-yaki (grilled on a ceramic pan) is a multi-course dinner featuring mainly Japanese-style Koroge wagyu beef toban-yaki (grilled on a ceramic pan).
    Please enjoy delicious cuisine that fully satisfies both quantity and quality, making use of the seasonal seasonal ingredients.
  • ✿ Kuroge Wagyu beef steak

    Dinner with sirloin steak of specialized Kuroge Wagyu beef.
    Volume as well as marbles that melt marbles are superb! We will offer freshly baked.
    Please take this opportunity to enjoy special selection Kuroge Wagyu beef.*This is a bespoke menu.
  • ✿ Bungo Pork Shabu-shabu